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Ceiling Pro

Commercial Building Services is proud to be the Authorized Ceiling Pro™ Dealer for the St. Louis Metro Area!

The Ceiling Pro™ cleaning process is non-toxic and restores ceiling tiles to ‘like new’ condition quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. We GUARANTEE that our unique cleaning process will save you money! Up to 80% less that replacement and up 50% less than painting, all without disrupting business or harming tiles!


The Ceiling Pro™ service includes the cleaning of all gridwork, light lenses, & air diffusers. We use 13 different solutions to service over 100 different ceiling types. We can find a solution for you!

Compare The Alternatives: Cleaning Is Clearly Superior!




$ .40 – $ .80 per sq. ft.$ .35 – $ .45 per sq. ft$ .80 – $ 4.50 per sq. ft
High CostLow CostHighest Cost
Leaves OdorRemoves OdorHigh Dust and Debris
Eliminates AcousticsImproves AcousticsCost of Disposal
Destroys Fire RatingImproves Fire RatingLabor to Remove
Business InterruptionNo Business InterruptionBusiness Interruption
Can Stain Carpets, Etc.No MessVery Messy
Must Cover EverythingLittle or No CoveringMust Cover Everything
Limited Surface UseCleans All SurfacesLimited Application
Special Paint for FixturesCleans FixturesMust Replace Fixtures
Several CoatsOne Coat10% – 20% Waste Factor
Labor IntenseEasy To DoTrained Labor Required
Bulky EquipmentTiles Remain In PlaceBulky Equipment


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